What Others Think

Jerry Zaltman, master thinker, professor, and writer, once again delivers; here with an engaging, lucid, and scientifically grounded perspective on how we think, why we think the way we do, and how we can improve our thinking. A must-read for even the most thoughtful among us.
- Deborah MacInnis, Charles L. and Ramona I. Hilliard Professor of Business Administration, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

When my mother would scold me, saying ‘If you could take your brain out, would you play with it?’ I always thought, ‘Yes!’ Thanks to the Think Keys in this book, now we can all unlock our thoughts and play with them.
- Nancy Cox, market research manager, Hallmark Cards

A highly insightful and extremely engaging book on how we think. Unlocked provides enjoyable and thought-provoking exercises for us to understand who we are and why we think the way we do. Zaltman is not only a brilliant scientist but also a brilliant storyteller.
- Jagdish Sheth, Charles H. Kellstadt professor of Business, Emory University

This is truly an amazing book! A read-friendly, brain workout in curiosity. It helps you explore how you think, but also how your loved ones think. My five-year-old said it was ‘freakin’ fantastic.’ In a rushing world, this book is like a breath for the brain; and an eye opener to thinking processes we often.
- Jennifer Barba, CEO, Frame Consulting, Mexico

Unlocked offers a masterful and insightful perspective, guaranteed to change how you and future generations will think.
- Lewis Carbone, CEO and founder of Experience Engineering, and author of Clued In: How to Bring Customers Back Again and Again

Zaltman’s new book is both serious and fun. He has put together an excellent collection of Think Keys designed to help all of us think more clearly and carefully.I ended up spending the whole evening enjoying the exercises and wanting to tell my friends and family about the book.
- Philip Kotler, S. C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Practical, simple, thoughtful, and thought provoking. Unlocked is the perfect guide for modern marketers. And at a time when objective and independent thought and debate is under threat, Unlocked is a must-read for young people looking to make sense of the world around them so they can make a positive impact on the world.
- David Timm, international marketer and global chief marketing officer, Yum! Brands

I first met Jerry Zaltman when I attended his classes on a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard. I was fascinated and inspired by his insights. I’ve worked in over 90 countries and covered most of the major world news stories of the past four decades. Rarely have I met someone who always offers a new way to think about a common situation. With Unlocked, he helps us better understand our personal story and the excitement of living our story well.
- Peter Turnley, Paris-based photojournalist and author of Cuba: A Grace of Spirit

I’ve known and learned from Jerry Zaltman for nearly 40 years. In this book he has clearly ‘unlocked’ everything he has learned, taught, and consulted on into a form that will be of value to anyone wanting to improve how they listen, learn, and lead.
- Vincent Barabba, Market Insight Corporation

Society has drummed into us the need for physical exercise. But there is also a real need to stretch and strengthen our mind. Now, with Jerry Zaltman’s fun and engaging mental challenges, he has made exercising our mind easy.
- Anne Thistleton, mind science practitioner, Light, Inc., South Africa

Life’s journey oftentimes involves a loss of the innocence of childhood. This book is about re-engaging your inner child and reawakening curiosity. The ‘Think Keys’ are playful in intent and compellingly engaging. A must read for children of all ages—especially adults.
- Rohit Deshpande, Sebastian S. Kresge Professor of Marketing, Harvard Business School

Curiosity may have killed the cat … but Zaltman’s thought-provoking, fun, ‘brain-on’ exercises unlock our thinking and engage our curiosity. The incisive mental experiences and their scientific underpinnings aptly illustrate the interplay between the conscious and the unconscious. The book enables us to be aware of, embrace, and play with thinking.
- Robin Coulter, University of Connecticut School of Business

There's only time in life for great books. On my shelf there is a special section for Jerry Zaltman’s work. He has enabled me to understand myself. If you have only a very short list of books to read, pick Unlocked. It will change how you think every single day. Read Unlocked and gain a treasure.
- Taddy Hall, senior partner, Lippincott, and coauthor of Competing Against Luck

When you learn something that changes you dramatically and shifts how you see the world, you want to give others the same gift. Unlocked is the way to give that gift! It takes something as complicated and interesting as how humans think and breaks it down into bite-sized, digestible stories with a payoff.
- Kathy Shaw, marketing research manager, Kimberly-Clark

In his earlier books, Jerry Zaltman taught us how to think more vividly. In Unlocked, he teaches us how to think more clearly. In these times, developing our critical-thinking skills could never be more important.
- Peter Tufano, Peter Moores Dean, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Prof. Zaltman offers nuggets of knowledge that beautifully illuminate the nature of our minds. This book succeeds because it shows more than it tells, allowing the reader to reach insights and appreciate the strengths, limitations, and quirks of his or her own mind. This warm and stimulating book is as much fun to read as it is stimulating and informative.
- Stephen M. Kosslyn, John Lindsley Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Harvard University

Unlocked is a must read. Stories are well told with practical applications and the skills to unlock your mind to a new world of possibilities and more meaningful relationships.
- Gayle Fuguitt, Chief of Customer Insight and Innovation, Foursquare and Former CEO and President, The Advertising Research Foundation

Unlocked is an exciting invitation to expand one’s realm of perception and thinking. By investigating the Think Keys, one can open the possibility for ever-expanding awareness and creativity. It is about understanding your current constructs so that you can expand your mind to create new possibilities. This is a fun and valuable inquiry tool that educators would be wise to utilize to help expand young minds for a creative and adaptive future.
- Sarah Bradley Prindiville, Neuro-Developmental Educator and School Board Member, Rockport, ME

Zaltman offers quick, smart ways to start thinking more deeply and wisely as well as wise ways to make smarter decisions in everyday situations. Unlocked provides a guide for educators to inspire, activate and ensure open and powerful thinking by their students.
- John Tielman, Senior lecturer Business Innovation, Head of Curriculum Committee, Inholland University of Applied Sciences

Jerry Zaltman’s Unlocked is a must-have element for the toolkit of the new generation of youth leaders and community organizers pressing for urgent and systemic change. Zaltman, a consummate teacher —and an expert in understanding the mental models that undergird human behavior—distills evidence-based prescriptions from behavioral economics and the social sciences, to enable aspiring leaders to address the needs and hopes of the communities they seek to serve. With evocative examples and compelling exercises, leaders can also use Unlocked to develop their teams and enhance their ability to make progress on the ground.
- Kimberlyn Leary, Professor Harvard Medical School and the Harvard Chan School of Public Health

“Unlocked is a perfect book for this early part of the 21st Century. In a polarized world where legacy thinking is being challenged by new thinking it is essential that we take time to gain clarity on how we think. This is the best book I have read to learn how I think and guide us in creating a better future.”
- David Houle, Futurist in Residence at Ringling College of Art + Design and author of This Spaceship Earth